Eurocol/Anchor Super Gold

Eurocol/Anchor- Super Gold Is a premium white adhesive that is based on internationally approved Synthetic Resin Emulsions. Using best raw materials, it is specially formulated to serve the needs of small and big carpenters and corporate users.

This aggressive glue is workable in temperate as well as extreme climatic conditions. Its high solid content and active matter imparts exceptionally high bonding strength, which is much higher than the IS : 4835. A very high coverage is achieved by this unique adhesive, making it the most cost effective glue in the premium category and even makes it cheaper to the cheapest adhesives, simultaneously maintaining the highest bonding strength. 

It can be of immense use to Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, Carpenters, Modular Furniture makers, Furniture Workshops, Sports Goods makers, Handicrafts makers, Packaging Industries and many other industries.


  • Furniture and carpentry work, including wood-to-wood, decorative laminates to plywood etc.
  • Thermocole industry.
  • Wall paper.
  • Labeling to many substrates.
  • Sport Goods, Handicrafts, Photo frames.
  • Paper Tubes ect.


  • Highest coverage per kg.
  • Long storage life.
  • Highest bond strength
  • Heat/water resistant.
  • Made to international standard, the dry strength is much higher than the IS: 4835.
  • Economically priced and affordable even with such high strength. With higherst coverage, it is eventually the cheapest glue.
  • Available in many convenient sizes.

 Application Method:

  • Can be done by conventional methods like brush, rubber roll, spreading with suitable spatula.
  • Surfaces to be bonded should be properly leveled and made free from oil, grease, dust or extra moisture. For optimum results, slightly roughen both the surfaces. Where one surface is more porous than the other, apply glue on this surface last.
  • Press both surfaces properly applying pressure within 10 to 15 minutes firmly with nails, tapes, clamps or support till the adhesive dries completely and adhesion is achieved.
  • Stir contents before use. Keep the lid tightly closed when not in use.
  • Dilution of glue strictly not recommended for any furniture work. Where dilutions is essentials for packaging application, dilute is separate containers.
  • Any skin formation should be removed before application of glue. Store glue in cool and dry place.

 Technical Date: Properties of the glue actually surpass the standards of IS : 4835,1979

  1. Base                                         PVAc.

  2. Color                                       White.

  3. Open Time                               10 Min.

  4. Total Solids                              45% +/- 1%

  5. Ash Contents                            1.95 % Max.

  6. Viscosity                                  10,000 to 15,000 Cps

  7. pH                                           5 to 7.

  8  Bulk Density                             0.95 or Above.

  9. Dry Glue Strength                     350 kgs per Sq. Inch min.

10. Coverage                                 40 to 45 Sq. feet per kg.

 Note: The above data is given in good faith, based on results gained from experience, experiments and tests. However, all recommendations or suggestions are without any guarantee as the conditions of use are beyond our control. For more details and industrial requirements contact manufacturers.


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