Eurocol/Anchor/Wonder CS-
The Truly Carpenter's Special Adhesive.

Eurocol/Anchor -CS adhesive is based on internationally approved Synthetic Resin Emulsion. Using best raw materials, it is specially formulated to suite requirements of various end users, particularly the carpenters.

Eurocol/Anchor /Wonder -CS gives excellent adhesion to wood and wood products, to paper and paper products and also to many other materials. It is simple to use and sets quickly (even at room temperature) by loss of water. Because of high active matter (solid content) it gives good performance and if required can even be diluted with water to desired consistency. It is an accepted fact that even without dilution Eurocol/Anchor/Wonder -CS gives a very high coverage because of its unique formulation. It is the strongest glue in its class. Furniture Contractors, Carpenters, Interior Decorators, Architects and Industries, therefore, prefer it to other brands. It is available at all leading Plywood and Hardware dealers.

As it is single component adhesive, it has a long storage life and does not require any special storing facility or measures, though keeping the cap and plug of the container tight after use shall ensure long storage life and avoid surface drying.


  • Furniture, including Wood to Wood, Decorative Laminates to Plywood etc.
  • Thermocole insulation.
  • Wall Paper.
  • Bottle labeling on Wooden, Glass and Paper containers.
  • Sports goods Crafts, Handicrafts and Photo Frames etc.
  • General purpose and household use and many other uses etc.
  • Cabinets like TV, Wall Clock, Radio, and Computer cabinets etc.
  • In Paper Cores, Paper Drums, Packaging units, High Strength Carton units.

Method of Application:
Can be done by conventional application with brush, rubber roll, or spreading with suitable spatula or Patti. Apply Eurocol/Anchor/Wonder-CS to one of the substrates and after placing the other substrate over the first one, keep them under pressure till the adhesive sets. After application and pressing  of adhesive, remove excess glue outside the joints with we cloth or sponge. For getting excellent bond, please ensure that the surfaces to be joined and free from dust, dirt, oil etc.

Note: The above data is given is good faith based on results gained from experience, experiments and tests. However all recommendations or suggestions are without any guarantee as the conditions of use are beyond our control. For more details and industrial requirements contact manufacturers.


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