Other Products

The company is currently manufacturing adhesives and other products like:

  • Wood Work Adhesives: A whole range of adhesives is available. From adhesives, which give highest bond strength in the country to highly economical grades to suit, individual needs.
    We offer water-resistant stronger than wood adhesive also.  Also offered are glues that   conform to IS: 4835 of 1979. 
  • Lamination Adhesives: For BOPP to Paper and PVC to Paper. Both are available in premium as well as economy grades.
  • Packaging Adhesives: Total packaging needs including glues for labeling of paper labels to Paper, Glass, Plastics, Pet bottles, etc. Stationery and craft glues are also available.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: For Stickers, Bindi Gum is offered to specific requirement.
  • Textile Polysols: Plasticised and unplasticised grades of various concentrations available.
  • PVA Solutions of various solid contents, viscosities and hydrolysis are available and can also be made to individual requirements.
  • Rubber and Resin Based adhesives (Synthetic Rubber Adhesives) to be introduced shortly: Grades shall include glues for Woodwork, Leather Goods and Rexine Goods and grades to suit individual needs.
  • Resin based Binder as paint additive for Distemper and Lime wash that is economical and stronger than popular brands. This enhances the life of the paint.



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